Thursday, October 25, 2012

Washington Commissioner for Public Lands

I’ve seen enough letters in our local paper, the Tri-City Herald, supporting Clint Didier  for Commissioner of Public Lands to wonder if the Tea Party is serving its members Kool-Aid instead of tea. What an absolutely crazy idea!

I felt some kinship with the Tea Party when the movement first raised the issue of our massive debt in 2008, and called for fiscal responsibility in Washington D.C. But for some reason, what seemed to start out as a reasonable collection of people opposed to bigger government, became a grab-bag of extremists spewing polemic on everything from Agenda 21 to Muslims in America.

Tea Party leaders should have distanced the party from these nutcakes, but they didn’t, and now our local Tea Party is supporting someone who embodies most of the crazy ideas the fringe membership has raised. Didier thinks Agenda 21, a U.N. roadmap on sustainable development, is in reality a sneaky plan to impose global governance, and place limits on population growth by curtailing farming. But reality isn’t something Didier embraces easily, as his stance on climate change illustrates. He says global warming is a hoax, and Arctic ice is growing, not shrinking. Fortunately for people in our hard-hit drought states, Didier is our problem, and not theirs.

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