Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Washington State Senate Race: Clint Didier

As the November elections approach, Didier for Senate signs are popping up on summer lawns here in the Tri-Cities like toadstools. Letters to the editor are also appearing, bolstering the Tea Party’s grass roots effort to elect the Eltopia alfalfa farmer and former football player to the U.S. Senate seat now held by Patty Murray, Washington State's first female senator.

Mr. Didier’s “game plan for Washington” includes cutting taxes, and repealing health care reform, which he believes should be addressed by the State. These features of Didier’s “game plan” seem odd for a state that's forecast to be $2.6B in the red in 2011.

Didier is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment right to bear arms, a favorite Tea Party position and one strongly endorsed by Sarah Palin, who has endorsed Mr. Didier's candidacy. I doubt the fatal July shooting at Lake Sammamish State Park (2 dead, 4 wounded) will change Didier's mind, as he seems to be an admirer of Arizona, where resident may carry a concealed weapon without a permit and do so anywhere they damn well please.

Didier is also an admirer of Arizona's recent immigration law, now under scrutiny by the courts. The combination of concealed weapons, and police challenging brown-skinned people for citizenship papers should make for an exciting state of affairs in Arizona, the dumbest state in the Union (according to Morgan Quitno Press).

If you happened to ask Mr. Didier why Arizona ranks dead last in intelligence, he'd probably tell you it's the federal government's fault. "We got to get rid of the Department of Education and give it back to the States and there's a 10th amendment," he writes while "chatting" with the blogger, Kevin Ewoldt. At the time, Didier was referring to kids' ability to learn football formations. So, while cutting taxes, Mr. Didier will place the full burden of our children's education on the state. Another "game plan" feature bound to drive the state further into debt.

As far as global warming is concerned, Didier is unapologetic in his skepticism, stating, "It is becoming increasingly clear much of our climate change data affecting public policy is not scientifically sound." Presumably, Didier learned his climate science while perusing the Washington Redskins' tight end play book. Mr. Didier believes that, "If America is to survive economically and compete in the world marketplace, we must curtail our burdensome regulations." Perhaps he's referring to the regulations not being enforced on off shore drilling, although he may be referring to those effecting coal mine safety.

Didier presents himself as a strict constitutional constructionist, “If not authorized by the constitution, it will be a nay vote for me.” If only the constitution were that straightforward, we could eliminate the Supreme Court and save millions.

I'll say this for Clint Didier, he has made his positions on the issues clear, even having himself videotaped expressing them in his down home way, his Redskins' game ball prominently displayed on the hearth of his fireplace. If you want to know where Mr. Didier stands, visit his web site. He's a lot easier to peg than his slick  Republican opponent, Dino Rossi, whom Didier refers to as the "establishment candidate."

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