Sunday, May 12, 2013

Poem of the Gun and the Children

Actual stories in
April and May
this year
in the USA
Authorities in southern Kentucky say a 2-year-old girl
has been accidentally shot and killed by her 5-year-old brother
A 6-year-old boy shot in the head by his 4-year-old playmate
died of his wounds as investigators in a New Jersey town tried
to determine how the boy got the gun
A 5-year-old girl was shot and killed by her 8-year-old brother
in Western Alaska, Alaska State Troopers said Tuesday
An 11-year-old boy shot his 7-year-old brother in the hand
A 9-year-old girl was accidentally shot in the leg by her 7-year-old brother
A 2-year-old in Georgia was shot in the back by a 9 or 10-year-old who
found a gun in a van they were all playing in
The 14-year-old Moses Lake boy arrested in the shooting
of his parents over the weekend apparently was angry
A 3-year-old boy who found a gun in a backpack
and shot himself died Tuesday night, authorities said
A 13-year-old boy accidentally shot his 6-year-old sister in Oakland Park
The girl, Angela Divin, was hospitalized in critical condition
The brother, whose name was not released
accidently pulled the trigger of a handgun he found
A 4-year-old boy in Brighton, Ala., was hospitalized in critical condition after being shot The boy and a 4-year-old girl were in a bedroom when one of them got hold of a gun, authorities said. Police were not sure which child had the gun
and the incident was under investigation.
2-year-old Caroline Sparks died after her 5-year-old brother accidentally shot her with his gun, authorities said — a weapon marketed for children as "My First Rifle"
Like the Alabama and South Florida shootings, the shooting in rural Burkesville, Ky., has not resulted in any criminal charges.
A five-year-old boy in Denton, Texas was left in critical condition
after he was shot in the head by his eight-year-old friend Saturday morning
According to the Denton Record-Chronicle, the police said the two boys were alone in the bedroom when the older child found a .22 caliber rifle, pointed it at the other boy, and shot him.
12-year old and 11-year children were in an apartment in Camden, Pennsylvania, under the care of a 19-year old, when the younger child got hold of a loaded unsecured gun and unintentionally shot the older child in the nasal area of his face luckily not killing him.
Police are working to figure out who owns the gun

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