Monday, December 17, 2012

My letter to my state representative and senators.

Congressman/Senator _____________;

Twenty children shot to death in a Connecticut elementary school, along with the six adults who tried to defend them. How can we not react to yet another tragedy involving guns with both terrible sadness, and visceral revulsion.

America's record of gun violence is not just deplorable, it's unforgivable. And it's avoidable.

Please don't wait until one single more child, one single more adult, is shot to death to make meaningful changes to US gun laws. Ban assault rifles, close gun show loopholes, improve background checks, prohibit guns from sensitive venues, such as college campuses, parks, sports arenas, bars.

Start here, and then take on the other factors that contribute to gun violence, such as access to mental health care.

If you fail to act, and more innocent lives are lost to gun violence, write to the people whose loved ones were killed and start your letter with, "I chose to do nothing about gun violence because..."


Richard Badalamente

My Representative is Doc Hastings, (R-WA4)

My Washington State senators are: Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell

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