Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rating the Presidential Candidates

Please score these statements for presidential contender, Mitt Romney. Score 5 if you "strongly agree," 4 if you "agree," 3 if you "neither agree nor disagree," 2 if you "disagree," and 1 if you "strongly disagree." Do the same for President Barack Obama.

  • Has a core set of principles that guide his life, what he says, and the decisions he takes.
  • Has the maturity and confidence to seek different viewpoints, to learn from his mistakes, accept blame, and share the credit for success with others.
  • Has a strong moral compass, is able to master his “inner self” and execute self control at all times.
  • Is courageous, stays strong in the face of adversity, conveys strength and resolve, and inspires others.
  • Is aware and in touch with popular sentiment, and gives the sense that he will hear and understand the concerns, hopes, and aspirations of all the people he hopes to lead.
  • Is intelligent, farsighted, imaginative, knowledgeable about key issues facing the Nation, makes informed, well thought-out decisions, and seldom or never gets his mouth in gear before engaging his brain.
  • I am comfortable with the views he espouses; the things he says make perfect sense to me.
  • He would “hit the ground running” and be an extremely hard working, exceptionally committed president.
  • He will work effectively with other world leaders.
  • I am confident that as the commander and chief of our armed forces and the deciding authority on committing our troops to war, or on the possible use of nuclear weapons, this man will make the right decisions.

  • Write the score you derive for each man in the Comment box.

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