Friday, April 2, 2010

British House of Commons Investigation of Climate Research Unit

Mosquito Laying Its Eggs

It turns out that the CRU email hack so ballyhooed by FOX News and their ilk proved nothing more than that scientists are human and can get pretty damned fed up with all the global warming denier harassment, including endless FOIA requests done for no good reason. The science is sound.

"The focus on Professor Jones and CRU has been largely misplaced. On the accusations relating to Professor Jones’s refusal to share raw data and computer codes, the Committee considers that his actions were in line with common practice in the climate science community but that those practices need to change.

On the much cited phrases in the leaked e-mails—“trick” and “hiding the decline”—the Committee considers that they were colloquial terms used in private e-mails and the balance of evidence is that they were not part of a systematic attempt to mislead. Insofar as the Committee was able to consider accusations of dishonesty against CRU, the Committee considers that there is no case to answer.

Even if the data that CRU used were not publicly available—which they mostly are—or the methods not published—which they have been—its published results would still be credible: the results from CRU agree with those drawn from other international data sets; in other words, the analyses have been repeated and the conclusions have been verified."

"The disclosure of climate data from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia." A Report of the British House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, March 31, 2010.

Global warming is back on the front burner. Not all species are worried, however. Have you noticed an increase in the mosquito hatch this spring? There will be. And with mosquitoes comes West Nile virus. I hate the little buggers! They love me.

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